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Pranayama: Reduce Stress and Live Fully.

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We are passionate about expanding on the paradigm that Pranayama is only about specific breathing exercises. We believe that everything is Pranayama…moving, growing, expanding and contracting, forever changing, from one form to another.

Our breath is a natural and direct reflection of Pranayama, we start by understanding the nature of our own breathing patterns. Soon, we expand our awareness to understand that everything, including consciousness, is a direct reflection of our breath and vice a versa.


Latest From Our Writers

  • May we #givethanks for each breath. May we be eternally #grateful for our presence moment to moment. πŸ’«
  • Food is Prana. What you put into your body is transformed into your own life energy. Eating food therefore is a sacred act. Each time you take a bite, know you are making the most generous offer to yourself. Fuel yourself with healthy foods, eat consciously, and the body's health will follow. πŸŽπŸ“ #rainbowchard #foodisfuel #prana #pranayama #yoga #mindfuleating #farmersmarket #yogablog #healthymindhealthybody #selflove
  • Much of the Prana we cultivate is a Choice. Our view and intention shape what we give and receive, and build lasting habit patterns that transform our Prana over time. Our eyes can focus on the shadows or focus on the light. ✨✨
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, β€œThe only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” πŸ’«
  • unplug to tune in. sometimes we have to step away to begin the inner journey. for some it may feel lonely at first, but eventually you will become your own best companion. your breath will be your best friend and your heart will be your music. it's all inside- what are you waiting for? #unplug #breathe #meditation #selflove
  • Breathe in the Air and know it is You πŸƒ

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